As a backbone enterprise of the domestic auto industry and a leading enterprise of the modern manufacturing industry in Beijing, we have been adhering to the BAIC’s spirit of “working hard, working in unity, surmounting difficulties and being determined to win” in recent years to innovate and develop our business under the guidance of the Group’s strategy. We have made great strides in our undertakings and been listed among Fortune 500 companies for many years.

In order to greet a new round of technological revolution and industrial reform, BAIC Group has begun to shift its focus from traditional manufacturing to manufacturing services and innovation. The Group’s innovative transformation is a new strategy to promote deep integration between industrialization and information technology, combine manufacturing and service industries and upgrade the industrial structure to a higher level. It is a new choice for speeding up the development of new energy vehicles, intelligent connections and internationalization. It is also a new way to extend the industrial chain, foster new business models and create new values.

Through continuous reform and innovation, we will be the pioneer and leader of new development models in the auto industry, a corporate citizen with social recognition, satisfied shareholders and happy employees and a “heavy weapon” in the building of an auto power.

We are opening a brilliant chapter and marching toward a brighter future. Innovation is the soul of the sustainable development of BAIC Group. If without innovation, a bright and fruitful future will be impossible. Transformation is a strategic breakthrough made by BAIC Group. If we do not keep fighting, we will not see a better tomorrow. Breaking through the difficulties and barriers, we can fulfill our lofty ideals. Let us fight like warriors today and celebrate our triumph like heroes tomorrow.