Pursuing Lofty Goals with Down-to-earth Efforts, Best Youth for Strugglers -- Practice Kick-off and Training Graduation of Position Practice Program of BAIC-the Third Batch Trainees of Daimler Program

Created at:2018-01-12

On January 12, 2018, the Practice Kick-off and Training Graduation of Position Practice Program of BAIC-the Third Batch of Trainees of Daimler Program was held at Jacobs University Bremen successfully. The Daimler Overseas Talent Training Program is an important program for BAIC Group to strengthen international cooperation and collaborate with overseas partners and universities to jointly develop an international multi-disciplinary talent training, and an important measure to provide talent guarantee for the implementation of the international strategy of BAIC Group. 

Cai Suping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Group, Wang Jianping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee, Head of the Organization Department and Human Resources Management Department of the Group, Qi Yanping, Vice Director of the Human Resources Management Department of the Group, executives and guests from Daimler AG and Jacobs University as well as the third batch of trainees of Daimler Program attended the ceremony. 

First of all, Professor Wilhelm of Jacobs University, on behalf of the university, expressed his sincere welcome to the arrival of the guests and introduced the basic situation of Jacob University from such aspects as history, hardware facilities and achievements. In addition to high recognition of the positive attitude of the trainees, he also expressed his desire and confidence in the in-depth cooperation with BAIC in international talent training. 

Professor Wilhelm of Jacobs University summarizes the learning stage

Mr. Martin Spicale, Director of HR Joint Venture Support & Vocational Training China of Daimler Greater China, introduced the development situation, business structure, market status and development plan of Daimler AG, and expressed warm welcome to all trainees present on behalf of Daimler. 

Mr. Martin Spicale from Daimler AG introduces the schedule of the position practice 

Afterwards, Li Bin, secretary of the temporary party branch of the third batch of trainees of Daimler Program, and other trainee representative reported on the overall study at Jacobs University and introduced the overseas party branches and team building conditions. 

Finally, Cai Suping, Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group made a concluding speech. He congratulated the trainees on the successful completion of this phase of study, appreciated the support from Jacobs University and Daimler AG, and stated that this cooperation in talent development has great significance for BAIC’s internationalization process and Sino-German cooperation in education. In combination with the requirement of “Strengthening the international talent development mechanism and striving to cultivate an international talent team” proposed by Chairman Xu Heyi at the 2017 Group Strategy Seminar, General Manager Cai proposed his eager expectations to the overseas trainees of Daimler: 

First, they are expected to cherish the opportunities of learning. Germany is the birthplace of the world's automotive industry. Having the opportunity to study the most advanced automobile manufacturing technologies in Germany is a lifetime wealth for the trainees. Meanwhile, the group has invested a lot in training overseas talent. The trainees should cherish their opportunity to study in Germany and reward the organization with practical actions and learning outcomes. 

Second, they are expected to get integrated in the local culture. Integration, openness and sharing are the inevitable paths for the growth of international talent. The trainees need to get fully integrated into the local culture and start from the four standards of “knowing international concepts, having international visions and mastering international business rules and possessing abilities in international cultural communication” to identify the gaps, find the correct directions, take active actions and quickly improve themselves. 

Third, they are expected to study hard and deeply. The third batch of trainees of Daimler Program are a young and dynamic team. It is necessary to study hard and deeply with the questions encountered by themselves and colleagues at work so as to achieve the goal of learning with thoughts and try to apply what they've learned to practical work when they come back to China. 

Fourth, they are expected to exhibit the professional image of outstanding BAIC employees. The trainees of the overseas training programs represent not only their own image, but also the country, the company and the teams. After arriving at Daimler, the trainees should take the initiative to adapt to the new environment and get integrated into the new work team as soon as possible. They should respect local laws and regulations, cultures and customs, and complete the tasks of the position practice stage with an excellent international professional image. 

Deputy General Manager Cai Suping of BAIC delivers the concluding speech 

After the ceremony, the trainees will travel to Daimler headquarters, the Sindelfingen factory and the engine plant, etc. in Stuttgart with the expectations and trust of the management of the Group to have an in-depth understanding of the human resources, manufacturing, processes, logistics and other international business systems, study the advanced concepts and cutting-edge technologies, and master the essence of “Made in Germany” through position practice. The third batch of trainees of Daimler Program will “remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind” and uphold the craftsmanship spirit of BAIC of “toughness, perseverance, dedication, and perfection” to forge ahead against all hardships for the rapid development of BAIC’s international undertaking. 

Group photo of the third batch of trainees of Daimler Program