"BAIC BJEV • Night of Beijing Performance & Arts Group" 丨 "Golden Microphone" Zhou Tao will act as Chief Director and a top team participate in the music concert

Created at:2017-05-10

Today, less than a month before the official opening of "BAIC BJEV • Night of Beijing Performance & Arts Group" Olympic Park Summer Music Concert, this breakthrough outdoor concert has attracted much attention from society. This year, following 2016, BAIC Group and Beijing Performance & Arts Group, once again join hands inviting well-known musicians and artists to perform at the cultural event in the post-Olympic era. From June 9th to December 12th, "BAIC BJEV • Beijing Night of the Performing Arts" Olympic Park Summer Music Concert will kick off at the cool and comfortable Beijing Olympic Park, delivering an audio-visual feast during midsummer a night, together with the top music masters.

Meticulously prepared to deliver a top audio-visual feast with enthusiasm and sincerity

In the "BAIC BJEV • Night of Beijing Performance & Arts Group" Olympic Park Summer Music Concert, Zhou Tao, chief director, will pay attention to every detail personally, ranging from style positioning to venue selection, team building, artist invitation, and even acoustic perfection and lighting design, thus presenting the audience an artistic Beijing and an enjoyable summer night. As Zhou Tao said, “This is the first project that I took after I left CCTV to join Beijing Performance & Arts Group. This project bears my great enthusiasm and hard work. It is our team's four month of careful planning, earnest preparation, and sincere dedication. The music concert is expected to be a cultural event that gives full play to the cultural charm of Beijing."

There are very few outdoor concerts in China due to difficulties. However, Zhou Tao is familiar with the art of concerts. Although there are many challenges in outdoor concerts, Zhou Tao still choses to face this difficulties. For this reason, she devotes great enthusiasm and all her energy. The performance of the music concert includes symphonic music, folk music, pop music, vocal music, instrumental music and dance. It also shows Zhou Tao’s broad artistic vision and pursuit of diversity.

Because of the characteristics of the venue, the outdoor concert attracts less attention from the audience than an indoor concert. Therefore, the use and understanding of audio-visual means needs to be more complete and skillful. In terms of visual experience, the symbolic architecture of the Olympic Park is included in the audience's field of vision, and the visually attractive stage equipment is selected to ensure an appropriate visualization, and the combination of virtual and real elements. In terms of lighting design, the language expression with focus on environmental lighting not only serves the stage performance but also involves the creation of an overall artistic atmosphere. Only a skilled director can have a try on this innovative design concept and skillful application of technology, which shows Zhou Tao’s strength and self-confidence as a director.

A group of big names boost the upgrade of the music concert

The most important point of the "BAIC BJEV • Night of Beijing Performance & Arts Group" Olympic Park Summer Music Concert is the top music feast presented by world-class music masters. As Zhou Tao said, “For this music concert, we have established a top production team and invited the most prestigious artists and the most powerful orchestras in China to join the music concert. Therefore, a new upgrade will be seen this year.”

G20 Chief Sound Engineer  Ma Xin

Tan Lihua

Lv Siqing

Wu Muye

Li Kun

Chen Jun

Wang Weinian

Sechen Gerel

Yun Fei

In terms of auditory experience, Zhou Tao invites Ma Xin who was the Chief Sound Engineer of the G20 performance, in order to show the audience the "quasi-concert hall" acoustics at the Olympic Park. As one of the most outstanding sound engineers in China, Ma Xin has established a profound friendship with Zhou Tao after many years of cooperation. His joining will definitely provide a strong guarantee for the quality of the music concert. Besides Ma Xin, the artists for the music concert are personally selected by Zhou Tao. Almost every one of them is in personal communication and coordination with Zhou Tao herself. Zhou Tao invited Chinese world-renowned artists to the music concert according to their own styles and the overall style of the music concert.

BIAC Group promotes “BJEV Action” with the music event

The music concert has won the full support of BAIC Group who hopes to create a green and energy-saving summer outdoor square-style music festival for Beijing citizens, in an innovative form and making it a famous landmark of Beijing’s cultural activities. As a strategic partner of the music concert, BAIC Group hopes to promote the “BJEV Action” through this musical feast and implement the concept of “harmonious development of people, vehicle and nature”.

In the ing summer night, BAIC Group will join hands with Zhou Tao to deliver a high-quality audio-visual festival for the people in Beijing and the world, enjoying the rhythmic beauty of music and feeling the cultural charm of Beijing.