Only sincerity can make lifetime friends | Postscript of "The Reader" created by BAIC Group and CCTV

Created at:2017-05-07

This weekend, in a grand event about “Youth”, “The Reader” in this season has ended gorgeously. The heartfelt program jointly created by BAIC Group and CCTV in this spring has drawn to a full stop.

Since its launch, “The Reader” has touched hundreds of millions of viewers with its rich cultural heritage and heart-warming humanistic sentiments. “The Reader” jointly created by BAIC Group and CCTV has brought the resonance of the soul and culture to the viewers, and has been honored as a “clear stream of variety show”. The cooperation between BAIC Group and CCTV has really found the right “way” for the development of cultural undertakings and cultural products.

“Ideal makes you observe life with a smile; Ideal makes you stubbornly revolt against fate; Ideal makes you childlike even with a head of white hair. Please ride the horse of ideal, wave the whip and start the journey from here, Scenes of spring on the road are just right and bright sun is above in the sky.” Although "The Reader" of the first season closes, the ideals in our hearts still continue. We are youthful and never old.

Classic • Aftertaste

"Don’t cast away / This handful passion of a bygone day / Which flows like running water soft and light / Beneath the cool and tranquil fountain / At dead of night / In pine-clad mountain / As vague as sighs, but you / Should e’er be true / The moon is still so bright / Beyond the hills the lamps shed the same light / The sky besprinkled with star upon star / But I do not know where you are / It seems  / You hang above like dreams / But its echo is heard / And buried though unseen / Deep, deep in the ravine!" Mr. Xu Yuanchong translated this poem into English and published it. He interpreted his true scholar style with a lifetime, built the spiritual space of “poetry and distance” for people, and was hailed as “The only person who translates poetry in English and French with more than 100 books sold at home and abroad”.

Since its launch, “The Reader” has touched people with such themes as “Meeting”, “Accompanying”, “Choice”, “Gift”, “First Time”, “Tears”, “Farewell”, “Courage”, “Home”, “That Day” and "Youth". Shan Jixiang, Head of National Palace Museum, read out the Chinese 5,000-year-old cultural self-confidence in “A wide heart embraces all”; Siqin Gaowa, a famous actress, played the roles of mother in more than 40 movies and TV dramas, and described the deeply touching motherly love while remembering her mother; Feng Xiaogang talked about his own youth, both in bitter and favorable days; Flower Valley Couple married for 26 years and still treated each other with courtesy, and he built the most beautiful private garden for her, making us witness their love of loyalty and acquaintance......

As a popular hit for viewers, “The Reader” has achieved a grand ceremony in the cultural circle, and has touched people with the power of culture, just like a warm and ing stream to our souls. At the same time, it gives us all kinds of emotions in different perspectives and stories, and delivers positive values for the society. As found in “The Reader”, culture is a force that penetrates our hearts, and also is a kind of social belief. This is exactly the same as "Future competition in culture" - the viewpoint of Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group.

Meeting · Appreciation

How hot is “The Reader”? The People's Daily published 14 articles to praise it, and the mainstream media recommended it continuously; it has consecutively hit MicroBlog, Douban and other hot lists; its listeners on Himalaya FM have exceeded 340 million person-times; it has attracted more than 200 foreign media, covering US, UK, Germany, Canada, Singapore, etc. The cumulative radiation population exceeds 13 million...

The combination of such a program to spread cultural and emotional appeal with BAIC Group, which aims at culture export, can be said “a heaven-made match”. Dong Qing, the producer of the program, later revealed on several occasions that it was very difficult to prepare for "The Reader": "An idea in the head, two pages of plan in the hand, three assistants in starting, and seeking for help everywhere." The link between BAIC Group and "The Reader" begins here.

As Dong Qing says, in a sense, everything in the world is a meeting. Meeting with BAIC is a wonderful thing. The success of “The Reader” has created a miracle of cultural and emotional programs, and BAIC Group’s pursuit of spiritual culture and undertaking of social charity have made BAIC distinctive from others.

Originality · Ingenuity

BAIC Group and CCTV have come together on the basis of common social responsibilities and cultural commitments. It is exactly because both parties have always stayed true to their missions that this program has caused the emotional resonance of hundreds of millions of viewers and created the tremendous social benefits.

"The Reader" uses exquisite texts to read out the values behind them in plain emotion. In 3 months, 12 programs and 92 days, “The Reader” has shared more than 60 guests with hundreds of millions of viewers, including over 60 stories and more than 60 paragraphs. Everyone and every story carry the memory of "The Reader"; every text and every paragraph retains the flavor of "The Reader". This is a conscience work that reflects the producers' ingenuity.

BAIC Group has a deep resonance with “The Reader”. “Toughness, Persistence, Devotion and Perfection” is a summary of BAIC’s craftsmanship. Adhering to the "ingenuity", BAIC has completed the accumulation of "from small to big", overcome the threshold of "from big to strong", and actively adjusted the transformation to step into the future competition via cultural participation.

Today, China has come to the critical point from material consumption to cultural consumption. BAIC Group deeply understands that “The beauty of a person lies in temperament; the prosperity of an enterprise lies in culture” and the process of creating “The Reader” is also a new and successful attempt to enrich and enhance BAIC Group’s own corporate culture.

“If people make friends by getting money, they will break without benefits; if people make friends by getting influence, they will break without influence; only sincerity can make lifetime friends.” BAIC Group and CCTV join hands with the common cultural pursuit and common “ingenuity”. The laughter, tears and moving moments that “The Reader” brings us will always remain in our hearts.

In the last issue of “The Reader”, Xu Heyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of BAIC Group, expressed the original intention with the verses in “Time” of Ai Qing:

I am faithful to the times

Devote myself to the times

Dedicate myself to something that makes me so excited

So amazing

I love it more than

Everything I have ever loved

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